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We are a Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) approved installer of Solar Thermal, PV, Biomass and both Ground Source and Air Source Heat Pumps, therefore we have the ability to help you to protect yourself against the spiraling costs of future energy bills. The government subsidies that are attached to renewable energy, not only offer you a guaranteed, tax free income, but also the subsidies help to off set the initial costs of your system. Over recent years the cost of installation has reduced significantly, making it a much more affordable investment for your future.

Because we are MCS approved, you can have every confidence that your system will be registered accordingly, will be guaranteed in accordance with RECC regulations, and that you can start reaping the financial benefits soon after your technology is installed.

We are aware that every client has individual requirements regarding their heating system, and as such, we are able to offer bespoke designs to fulfill your needs which we are more than happy to give advise on and arrange a free, no-obligation meeting to discuss your needs.

Our renewable energy projects have included commercial, domestic and agricultural projects including:-

Solar Photovoltaics (PV)
A solar PV system works by converting the energy from the sun into electricity which in turn can be used to heat your home. The panels do not need direct sunlight in order to work, so your system will still generate electricity on cloudy days.

How does it work?

  • Solar panels are used to produce electricity by collecting the Sun’s energy and converting it, via the photovoltaic cells, to a DC current
  • This current is then fed into an inverter, which changes the DC current into an AC current that can be used within your home.
  • Your system is connected to the national grid and the electricity you produce is monitored by a generation meter, allowing you to be paid your Feed In Tariff.

When your panels are producing electricity, your system will automatically switch to using the solar power. Whatever power you then use in your home will cost you nothing and anything that you generate by do not consume yourself will be sold back to your energy company.

Solar Thermal
Solar Thermal panels work in a similar way to PV panels, by collecting light form the sun’s rays, but they convert it into hot water, rather than electricity. Like PV panels, solar thermal panels still work even in the Winter, providing it is a bright day.

How does a Solar Thermal system work?

Heat from the sun is collected by a special glycol/water solution contained in the panels mounted on your roof. These are known as Solar Collectors. The heated liquid is then pumped through a coil located inside your hot water cylinder. This enables the captured heat to be transferred to the water in the cylinder which can then be used in your home.

A sensor in the cylinder monitors the temperature of the water and if it doesn’t reach the required temperature, the boiler or immersion heater will automatically supplement the system.

There are different types of panels and collectors and we will be more than happy to advise you on the benefits of both and help you chose the most appropriate system for your home or business.

Biomass is the process of burning either wood chips or wood pellets to produce clean energy for heating your home or business. A biomass boiler is fed from a hopper/silo, either situated next to the boiler itself, or another suitable location. Pellets are fed into a combustion or burning chamber where they are burnt to produce clean heating energy. An electronic control system is used to monitor temperatures in the chamber and to control air flow and fan speed so as to maximise the efficiency of your biomass boiler. Hot flue gases are then used to heat water for the heating and hot water usage in your home through a heat exchanger.

Depending on how your Biomass boiler is installed you may have a large hopper that needs filling two times a year, or you may have a smaller internal hopper that you manually fill from 10kg pellet bags. You also need to empty the ash bin, or average twice or three times a year.

Heat Pumps
A heat pump uses the air around us to heat your home or business. This air can then be used to heat hot water, radiators and under floor heating systems.

How does it work?

Heat is extracted from the air (even if temperatures outside are as low as -15°c) and the heat from the air is then absorbed into a fluid. This fluid then passes through a heat exchanger as a gas which increases its temperature and transfers its heat to the heating and hot water systems.

A heat pump is up to four times more energy efficient than some traditional heating methods.

Many Ground Source and Air Source Heat pump installations are fitted retrospectively to buildings and therefore design restrictions have to be taken into account.. Eco Assist will be more than happy to give you advice and guidance on this aspect of your project to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your system.

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